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Clear selection All frames are made of wood and can be hanged vertically or horizontally

How much is the shipping?  - Shipping is always free within the UK. However, if you choose express delivery, you will be charged a fee of £20 regardless of order value.

What is the expected delivery time?  - Normally within 3-4 business days from the order date. Sometimes it may take 1-2 days longer due to delays at the shipping company or if the workload at our warehouse is unusually high. If you choose express delivery, you will normally receive your parcel within 1 business day from order date.

How is my parcel sent?  - We use UPS. Once you have selected your products and proceeded to checkout, you will see how your package will be sent. If you choose express delivery, your order will be delivered with UPS Express.

What happens if I fail to collect my package?  - If products are returned to us because you failed to pick up your package, we charge a £35 fee. This covers shipping to and from you, as well as handling and restocking of products.

To which countries do you ship?  - We can ship to most countries in the world but depending on where you live shipping prices may vary. If you live in Europe we suggest you visit poppyposters.com to see prices in Euro.

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