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Clear selection All frames are made of wood and can be hanged vertically or horizontally

Are frames included when I buy prints?  No, they are sold separately. But please note that we show pictures of our prints framed so you get an idea of what they will look like when you put them on your wall.

What kind of paper are your prints printed on?  We use a 200g uncoated, premium matt paper. The paper is age-resistant and has a non-reflective matte finish with a high-quality feel.

Can I find your prints in other shops?  No, all Poppy Posters motifs are unique, you will not find any of our motifs in other shops selling prints and posters. We can sometimes let other stores sell our products, but it will always be under the brand Poppy Posters, so you can be certain that they come from us. Poppy Posters own an enormous image archive and only a small fraction of it is for sale as prints, so far. Please visit us regularly to discover more new motifs see the light.

Can I order prints of my own pictures and dimensions?  No, not at the moment. Perhaps we will offer you that possibility in the future.

What's the difference between a poster and a print?  It´s just different names for the same thing.

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