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Clear selection All frames are made of wood and can be hanged vertically or horizontally

Motifs - Poppy Posters motifs are unique. The motifs on our website are not for sale elsewhere. Poppy Posters own a huge image archive where only a small part is for sale right now. Please check in on our website sometimes to see more unique works come out in today's light.

Prints - Poppy Posters are printed on age-resistant 200g quality paper. The uncoated surface of the paper is very good for graphic and image printing and gives no reflections. We only print on environmentally certified paper that comes from responsible forestry, which takes people and the environment into account.
Picture Mounts - Almost all Poppy Posters have a white surface around the picture, but we also sell picture mounts in the appropriate sizes for your posters. Our acid-free picture mounts are of archival museum quality and further emphasize the pictures, so we recommend that you choose a picture mount for your print, except for motifs with full bleed, then it will look nicer without.
Frames - Our frames are made of Swedish FSC-certified pine and are available in black, white and oak (veneer). The profile is slim and selected with care and has the same dimension regardless of the color and size of the frame. The frames are also manufactured in Sweden, which contributes to a cleaner environment with short transports and benefits small Swedish businesses in the rural areas.
Fine Art - Poppy Posters also offer original works of art of some of the poster motifs. Either completely unique or in a very limited edition. The quality is of course unmatched, whether it be an analogue gelatin silver print or a digital archival pigment print. If you are interested in investing in an original work of art, you are welcome to contact us and in some cases we can customize the exact size and framing. These works are designed with the highest possible requirements and consistently maintain museum quality. You will find fine art works available under "Fine Art" at the bottom menu.
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