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The number of combinations of how a gallery wall could look like is of course endless depending on how many motifs one wants to mix and how you want to hang all the framed work of arts. Not to mention if you want to start mixing the type of frames and how to hang each individual image. There can be almost no end to how good a gallery wall can look like, but on the other hand there can be almost no end to just how bad a gallery wall can look like if you don't put enough effort into it. This is our job, and we cannot ourselves get a gallery wall right every time! Gallery walls require a lot of patience and thought if you want it to look fantastic. And when you finally have decided how you want it, you´re supposed to get the damned thing up on exactly the right spots, what in the end simply becomes your gallery wall. We have nailed up loads of gallery walls, failed many times, succeeded a few, and surprised ourselves one or two times. Positively surprised, we mena by that. In any case we have learnt a few things about gallery walls and were happy to share the knowledge with you. Are you keen on starting to design a gallery wall for your home, contact us and we can help you with some ideas. We think many gallery walls we see here and there are way too messy and make more of a stressful impression that don't make the rooms they're in any more beautiful, on the contrary. You need to find the motifs which will go well together but that can also make an exciting contrast to each other. Gallery walls should inspire and you don't want to ge tired of them too quickly, it will be there a while once you have put it up there. A gallery wall can, when at its best, make the whole room shine. We can retouch the photograph of your wall that you send us into several different examples of gallery walls, and you will get a good idea of how many different places the one and the same room could look like depending on how you do it. Don't hesitate to get in touch when it comes to gallery walls!

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