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H E N R I K   D E L E H A G - Swedish artist living in London, born 1973. He is best known for his idiosyncratic depictions of the human figure, and his drawings can be found in some of the largest private collections around the world. Drawing from the rich tradition of iconography, as well as facilitating his expertise in typography and architecture, Henrik Delehag’s aim is to create icons that both reflect upon, and informs the modern world. His work explores the most brutal of relationships; that between black and white – and how these polar opposites can cooexist in chaos as well as in harmony. As well as his drawings, Henrik Delehag has produced a series of a Thousand Gods, aiming to reintroduce a healthy dose of superstition into our complex lives. Henrik Delehag was born in Stockholm, and spent formative years in New Zeeland as a teenager where he learnt the ancient crafts of the Maoris. He received his formal education at Berghs in Stockholm. Since the year 2000 he resides in London, with his wife and four children. As well as his personal art practice, he is one half of the artist duo Benrik, together with Ben Carey, whose vision is to remodel the current world into something more to their liking, idea by idea.

E S T H E R   C - Born in Macau, but based in different European cities since the early 2000´s. Esther has a broad repertoire concentrating not only on photography but mixed media techniques as well. At the moment we only have a few of her photographic works for sale as posters, but we´re hoping to soon be offering some of her fantastic images where she's using mixed media. She doesn't want to impose on her audience what to feel or think when seeing her art, she wishes each and everyone to make their own interpretation. Esthers date of birth isn't known to us, but she's a young and exciting artist we think. It will be interesting to see how her imagery will develop in the future. We don't have any of her Fine Art pieces for sale yet, but should you be interested in acquiring one, please contact us and we'll do what we can to arrange it.

J O H N   S C A R I S B R I C K - Swedish photographer, born 1966, based in Stockholm, Paris and New York since the mid nineties. His imagery is mostly known for its energy, movement and interesting angles. John´s photography has always consisted of portraits of people and characters in different ways, whether it´s in the studio where John feels mostly at home and can direct his creative process and meetings with his subjects, or if it´s on location. In Poppy Poster´s Fine Art-section, we show John´s picture of Flea & Anthony of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, photographed 1995, an image taken on assignment for SPIN magazine. In John´s own words: "It was a cover photo shoot in a studio in Los Angeles. Flea and Anthony, two of the bands four members were definitely the ones getting all the attention and they had no problems making the most of the numerous shoots they took part in, I think they found a bag of flour in the studio, and suddenly they were completely covered in it, looking like a couple of cheeky boys having done something they shouldn't have. The result was a fun and personal photo." Over the years John has photographed fashion and portraits for The Face, New York Times Magazine, Harpers Bazaar USA, Vogue Magazine, Interview Magazine USA, Acne paper and Intermission Magazine of which he is a publishing partner. He has portrayed a long list of personalities, among them David Bowie, Michael Jordan, Julianne Moore, Björk, Wu Tang Clan, The Fugees, The Strokes, Lykke Li, Håkan Hellström and, as the last photographer having done so, the original set up of the band Kiss and in their full scene costumes and makeup.

P A T R I K   S E H L S T E D T - Patrik has a long background as an Art / Creative Director before making the transition to becoming a full time photographer. Photography was always a big interest and hobby since his early teens when he was self-taught in how to use manual and analog cameras and the importance of how to use light. In his capacity as Art Director, he collaborated with some of the world's best photographers on campaigns for different brands where he understood the complexities of professional photography on a broader scale. Patrik has a long list of of international assignments, including Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, Glamour and V Magazine. His imagery is often very graphic, often black and white, and even if he mostly shoots fashion he loves photographing landscapes and portraits as well. A Scandinavian simplicity characterises his pictures but sometimes breaking the typically nordic expression with something unexpected. Even if most of his assignments are photographed digitally, Patrik sometimes works in the old tradition, shooting film, when the chance is given or doing private projects where the special character of analog photography can add something extra.

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