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Poppy Posters own an enormous archive of photo art that we will continuously add motifs of on this page. Photo art has really grown as an accepted art form, single works of photo art can nowadays reach record amounts of hundreds of thousands at auctions. Our photo art consists of a mix of analog and digital pictures taken over a long time. Photo art can obviously look like anything you may or may not imagine, but our photo art is focused on fashion, portraits and landscapes. Photo art in the form of prints and posters are very affordable, a fact we hope will make more people choose just that, photo art, to put on their walls. Should you be interested in investing in photo art in much more limited editions, take a look at the bottom of the page under "Fine Art". We also think that it can be very nice to combine photo art with illustrations, paintings or private family pictures you have a special relationship to. Photo art, especially black and white photo art, is very easy to mix in with all sorts of interior designs. Black and white or monochrome photo art can complement almost any style, while photo art in strong colours may need a little more planing to create the right impression. We're happy to help you if you want suggestions or even exactly scaled drawings of how a wall of photo art might look like in your home. Contact us, send us a picture of a wall you wish to fill with photo art, and we'll do a sketch to start creating from. All our photo art consists of images taken by our photographers whose long experience of international assignments makes our archive very extensive. They've had assignments for Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, and have portrayed stars like David Bowie, Michael Jordan and Solangeto name just a few. So far we only have one work of art of a couple of celebrities, two of the band members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, photo art at its best if you happen to like that particular band, we would like to point out! The image of Flea and Anthony Kiedis is also offered both as an affordable print or poster, as well as a Fine Art photographic print in a very limited edition. We will add more photo art of international stars, just visit this page from time to time to discover new works here. If you're searching for any kind of special photo art, but cannot find it on our website, you can always get in touch with us. It may be that we can surprise you by picking out just what you're looking for from our vast photo art archive. We love photo art!

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