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Keep an eye out on this page because we will add new unique motifs under all prints every now and then here. You can see all prints and posters here, just keep clicking "show more" under the prints displayed at the moment and the page will continue loading more motifs. All prints are printed on archival age-resistant high quality paper. All prints are environmentally certified, which means the whole production process of the prints is done in the best possible way from an environment perspective. The paper we are using for all prints is matte and uncoated to avoid reflections altogether. All prints are printed on a 200 gram paper making them steady without risking getting creases if you need to roll them together for transport or storage. Prints or posters are an excellent way of creating a certain atmosphere in a room without spending a fortune. And if you want to have prints that everyone else doesn't have, you should of course choose prints from Poppy Posters since all our motifs are unique for us! You will not find our prints in other poster or print stores. Some people talk about posters, its the same thing as prints, just another name. Prints and posters have existed for a long time as a great way to have a work of art on your wall that may cost a fortune in its original form, but which becomes attainable for everyone in the form of a print since they don't cost so much. Our prints can easily be exchanged in their frames into new ones, should you feel the need to redecorate your walls. If there's anything you're wondering about or missing among our prints, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you! Do you want help creating a beautiful wall of art with prints and posters? Or maybe just get som tips how to combine different prints? All prints we have can be combined in exciting ways which can create completely different impressions depending on what prints you choose to put together on your wall. A black and white print can most often easily be combined with all prints in colour. You can of course mix prints of the same colour tones which will create an elegant impression, or why not try to put prints in very contrasting shapes or colours next to each other. Almost all prints we sell have a white border around their motifs, something that makes the picture pop out more. We have also made it simple if you choose to have a picture mount when framing our prints. All prints with the white border around fit perfectly in our picture mounts, just pick the same size as the print and they will fit nicely together.

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